About us

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Tiny House Works isn’t a blog, but the start of something much bigger. It’s a platform for ideas, news, conversation and discovery of all it means to embody the tiny house movement. It’s about minimalism and architecture and finding beauty in the simplicity of living a meaningful life. It’s about freedom.

My name is Peter Secan and I founded this website with my eyes on building a brand and a community that will join me in my dreams to design and build tiny houses. I’ve worked in the architecture and construction industry for the last 8 years where I designed and built a variety of projects. Something always fascinated me about figuring out the tiny spaces – the meticulous puzzles that need every inch of real estate to truly pop. At the surface, this is how I got interested in tiny homes.

My passion grew from there, and it is culminating here. Writing about (aggressively) and designing tiny homes are a spring board for future construction endeavors that will have me swinging a hammer on a project of my own – maybe even a project for you.

I am also currently writing regularly for several blogs, including gameslikezone.com, vgstuff.com, and busyboo.com.