Manhattan Micro Loft Is 'microrgasm' a word? It is now.

Putting “micro” in the same sentence as “Manhattan” is a bit of a misnomer. The average American human can’t even afford to rent out a meat locker in the big apple, let alone a full apartment of life necessities.

Please¬†ignore that fact when viewing this micro loft by Specht Harpman Architects. It’s everything you’d ever want in an apartment, presented in a single-bite serving that’s just as filling as a seven course feast.

This 425 square foot morsel of interlocking functional space with a touch of modern flourish represents a unique exploration of urban habitation.

The lofted bedroom provides the perfect vantage point to creep down on your girlfriend who’s unsuspectingly steeping her morning earl gray. These unique and nefarious sight lines are what make the space so endlessly playful. Just don’t blame me if she startles easily, spills her scalding hot tea down the front of her freshly pressed lulu lemon onesie.

I’m sure you’ll laugh about it later.

Specht-Harpman-Micro-Loft-1 Specht-Harpman-Micro-Loft-2-render-600x652 Specht-Harpman-Micro-Loft-3-bath-600x696 Specht-Harpman-Micro-Loft-4-Kitchen-600x359 Specht-Harpman-Micro-Loft-6-Cabinets-600x398 Specht-Harpman-Micro-Loft-7-Cabinets-600x398 Specht-Harpman-Micro-Loft-10-Bed-600x893

h/t: DesignMilk