Cabin, unusual design

Antoine Stone Cabin It's a cabin that looks like a giant rock. Right this way, sir.

Design studio Bureau A stole inspiration from nature when designing a tiny mountain cabin called “Antoine.” Literally. They stole it like a thief in the night. They plucked a massive bumpy bolder from the side of an unsuspecting mountain, put a bed, bathroom and hot plate in it and called it home.

It’s a remarkable achievement, and one that speaks with great hyperbole to the nature of building, consumption and as Ian Malcom would put it, “the rape of the natural world.” Architects and builders – now more than ever – are tasked with erecting complex buildings with as limited an impact on the environment as possible. It’s an vital and immediate necessity to our survival on this planet, and if you don’t think so you can go ahead and vote for Donald Trump like we all know you are.

Bureau A didn’t have to make their modest little cabin look like a rock. In fact, the easy thing would have been not to. But they did it anyway because it was the perfect way to say: “yeah we are going to build, but we’re not going to ignore the fact that building fucks nature.” Mission accomplished.
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via: MyModernMet