Cabin, unusual design

The Truffle Get ready for the weird.

And the award for the weirdest fucking tiny house that’s ever been conceived, designed, and actually built goes to…

The Truffle!

Here’s the set up: dig a large pit, fill it with strategically placed bales of hay, pour concrete into said pit and let cure, then have a cow eat the hay resulting in a cavernous space that was literally build by a cow. It’s an architectural experiment just crazy enough to work, and the result is nothing short of bizarre (and pretty bloody cool, too).


Thankfully, Ensemble Studio – the mad scientists behind this bovine experiment – made sure the result would be as interesting as the concept would suggest. From the outside, it’s easy to see why they dubbed it “the truffle.” You’ll find an amorphous blob of concrete and dirt juxtapose two clear panels of unobstructed glass. You won’t fully appreciate the genius behind the truffle until you get inside.

The cows made quick work disposing of the encapsulated hay, carving out volume and leaving behind a cavernous canvas for the designers to work. A few modern touches were introduced, resulting in an oddly comfortable living space with a mini bathroom and plenty of natural light.


We’ve never seen anything like it. We’ll never see anything like it again. And we love everything about it.

. . . . . . .

via: Ignant