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Minim Tiny Studio Step into your backyard for this off-grid tiny home.

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking, radical, or inventive about the Minim Tiny Studio, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. In fact, it’s full of awesome. A traditional architectural geometry is reduced to it’s simplest formal elements, wrapped cleanly in a single material, and expressed with soft interiors and plenty of natural light. Foundry Architects showed insatiable restraint and a knack for elegance in this tiny backyard dwelling.

minim-house-exterior1-via-smallhouseblissThe design manages to fit an astounding amount of functional space and storage opportunity without feeling overcrowded or claustrophobic. Thanks in part to large glazed openings and a bright interior palate, the small space opens up in ways that can’t be defined by a square footage number.


In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, it’s environmentally sensitive as well. SIP panels were used as the structural shell, providing integrated closed cell insulation for a bomb-proof exterior shell. Solar panels on the roof are properly oriented and provide the studio with all electricity needs. minim-house-interior3-via-smallhousebliss

The home features a full kitchen and bath, a pull out bed, an office nook and a central living space. It’s a prime example of what’s possible in your very own backyard. minim-house-interior5-via-smallhouseblissminim-house-construction-via-smallhousebliss

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via: SmallHouseBliss