Cabin, modern

House in Balsthal Business on the top. Party on the bottom.

The House in Balsthal by Pascal Flammer is a weird kind of architectural mullet that results in a modern spin on traditional vernacular. Top side, the cabin features a gabled roof, horizontal wood siding and even a punched attic window perfectly centered on the primary axis. Below the waist? A different story is revealed, and its one that doesn’t involve pants.

The lower two floors offer a deconstruction of the building’s exterior, culminating in a sunken living space that allows the ground plane to float directly into the interior space. This esoteric reveal not only provides an abundance of interesting views, it presents a stylistic shift from what remains of the traditional aesthetic above. It’s like wearing a tuxedo without the pants. And it’s awesome.
House-in-Balsthal_02 House-in-Balsthal_03

The design features only three material choices: dark stained wood siding for the exterior, light wood for the interior, and glazing to bridge the two together. It’s a subdued palette that strengthens the success of the interplay between natural and man-made. House-in-Balsthal_04 House-in-Balsthal_05 House-in-Balsthal_06 House-in-Balsthal_08 House-in-Balsthal_09 House-in-Balsthal_10 House-in-Balsthal_11 House-in-Balsthal_12

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via: Ignant