Cabin, unusual design

Asymmetrical Black and White Cabin Look to the cookie, Elaine. Look to the cookie.

In an aggressive attempt to display the dichotomy of traditional vs contemporary, EXE Studio has designed this mountain cabin – composed of a stark contrast of opposing architectural expression. Like two puzzle pieces from a thousand years apart, the home fits together with surprising cohesiveness. On one hand, a dark, gabled roof structure provides a window to the past. The other hand? Dry. Minimal. White. The simple, emotionless sculpture speaks to an architecture of the future.

It’s hard to believe that such a juxtaposition would work in such a small space, but it does. The two forms embrace each other in concept in execution. The fact that they are so different from each other is why the project works on a whole. There is a ying-yang relationship that emerges, pointing to balance being struck by two forces pulling in offsetting directions.

exestudio_architecture-0 From the architect: “Through the duality of the house, with two main volumes; the intent was to merge the traditional and the contemporary to create a unique aesthetic and a structure sympathetic to its surroundings.”
exestudio_architecture-02i exestudio_architecture-03 exestudio_architecture-04 exestudio_architecture-05 exestudio_architecture-05i exestudio_architecture-06 exestudio_architecture-plan exestudio_architecture-plan2 exestudio_architecture portada_exestudio_02

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