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Hanging Tea House And a touch-feely description from the architect, to boot!

Not really a home. Not quite a church. This serene space meant to resemble a hanging Japanese lantern is about spirituality of space, straddling the line between sanctuary and domicile.

Architect David Jamison designed this tea house as a unique structure that cultivates the meditation and focus associated with Japanese tea practice. Two large steel post and beam pieces give the hanging bronze box the strength needed to float it above the ground. The perception of a vague connection to the earth lends a powerful sense of peace for those who sit inside the box, allowing the mind to face inward.

TeaHouseDavidJameson1 TeaHouseDavidJameson2

The transparency forces the surrounding bamboo gardens into the lantern, giving it a sense of place within nature. It also further tightens the buildings formal connection to traditional Japanese architecture. TeaHouseDavidJameson3

From the architect:

After experiencing the lantern as a singular gem floating in the landscape, one is funneled into a curated procession space between strands of bamboo that is conceived to cleanse the mind and prepare one to enter the object.

After ascending an origami star, the visitor is confronted with the last natural element: a 4 inch thick, opaque wood entry door. At this point the visitor occupies the structure as a performer with a sense of otherworldliness and meditation.

Could’t have said it better myself.TeaHouseDavidJameson5 TeaHouseDavidJameson6 TeaHouseDavidJameson9 TeaHouseDavidJameson10 TeaHouseDavidJameson11

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