Tiny House Among Trees Trees over there? Don't care.

In most cases, a heavily wooded construction site is nothing more than a minor inconvenience quickly taken care of by a gas-guzzling excavator and a caffeine-fueled construction worker. An empty canvas ripe for the McMansion building remains in its wake.

Thankfully, there are a handful of tree-lovers out there willing to go the extra mile to design a home that embraces the lushness of the site it inhabits.

Such was the case for this home that was build near the coast of Argentina. The design incorporates a covered porch that is home to several trees that jut up through the floor, ceiling, and anything in-between. Trees weren’t only considered during the design of the home, they were vital to its success.


The stark concrete walls play off the natural colors and textures provided by the surrounding trees. It’s a move that says: “yeah, we built a house here and we know we can’t be as beautiful as the site itself, so we are going to show you we are man-made so as not to detract from this blessed gift from Mother Nature.” Or something like that.House-Among-Trees-03-750x519 House-Among-Trees-07-750x363 House-Among-Trees-13-750x533 House-Among-Trees-16-750x500 House-Among-Trees-17-750x500 House-Among-Trees-21-750x500 House-Among-Trees-24-750x500

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via CupboardsOnline