Cold Meets Colder In The Concrete Cabin Did I mention it looks cold?


Cold. Chilly. Freezing. A witch’s tit. These words come to mind to describe this stark concrete cube that would make a Russian Gulag feel like Martha Stewart’s living room. The blue-greys, harsh edges, and sporadic punched window openings make this cabin feel more prison than paradise.

And I absolutely love it.

The 964 square foot cabin sits confidently in the snow-covered Austrian mountains. They might as well have called this project “the mirror,” as the form and general aesthetic of the structure directly reflects its environment. Designer Marte Marte Architects sculpted the dwelling as a direct extension of the granite cliff it sits atop – as if the mountain sprouted an alien appendage for us to enjoy its fruits in comfort.

It is a beautiful reminder that innovation often trumps convention.
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h/t: SmallHouseSwoon